Welcome to my place on the webb... Akwaabaa, it mean´s Welcome in Ghana. The people of Ghana is very warm and welcoming to you, they almost always have a smile on there faces, and they often say to you “you are invited” and want´s you to sit down an eat with them. That is something i never experienced anywhere in Europe and US, in some part in Asia, you can, but not as a rule...
Due to mainly two different accidents, that make my life almost impossible, i had to find a place where it´s warm, that is the only thing that gives me some rest from the pains. The warm weather is making my pains almost disappear, the only other option, and that one don´t work anyway, is painkillers, and if i go that way, i will poison my self in the long run, so it´s out.
Lennart Johansson
One of my true passions in life, is photo, another is my family’s,  this site is dedicated to them..