My family...
Both Charlie an
My son at heart... Charles he is a wonderful young man, he is always there for the ones that needs help in any way shape or form, he is very smart and he rely surprises me time and time again, on top of al those qualities, he is the hub in the family, where everyone is turning to him for solutions to any problem. He will soon, accompanied by his sister, come to Europe with me, and see something he never expected, something that he very much look up to...
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Charlie...  He is studying at Accra Polytechnics to become an accountant, and the plan he has is to educate himself so he can get a better life and maby even be working in Europe one day The course he is taking, is for tree years, + one extra for his masters, right now he starting his third year.
Currently studying... Both Charlie and Doreen are currently studying, Charlie at Accra Polythechnic, and Doreen at Zenith university. They are both doing so well, and in the future it´s possible for both of them to continue with the learning in a European country. And maby even working there one day. That´s our plan.
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Doreen... She is also studying, but she is attending another school, Zenith University in Accra, and she is also in for tree years, and like Charles just starting her third year. Thy both finniched the second years  flying colours, highest results of all there exams.