In tribute to my Father, the

best photographer i ever met.

One of the times, when me and my father was out on our walks, it happened not so often, and there was other thing to, that prevented most times to be as nice as this particular was, but that’s another story, this time, and some others was beautiful.


My father was a pro Photographer, and he was very good, i try to be like he

was, in a small way, but its very hard to fill his shoes…he was rely one of

the best photographers i ever met, even today…

He was rely something else, he could put something in his pictures, that i only can describe as “life” it was like the picks he took was alive in some strange way, and they rely were, am not talking of those ordinary ones, you know when you just head out to snap a pick of just about anything, no am talking about the times, when he took his camera and went out with a purpose, when he wanted to make a statement, what ever that would have been. Its sad that he died so young, he never got the time to teach me all those things, but i had to fine my own way of getting that feel, you know, when you just need to go out and take your companion, the camera with you, it happens, but not that often, its rather like when you just head out, with your camera, without any special thought in your head, all of a sudden you are facing some thing, that rely make your day, you know what am talking about, that’s what i mean, it have happen to me to, but those moments are rare, so always bring your camera, always, because you never know when the next one is crossing your path, right…
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Lennart Johansson