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About me

I love photographing, that way you can freeze a certain time in

your life, and you can connect to that time when ever you want, in

the exact way it was when it happened…

When i was 6 years old, i got my first camera from my father, i remember that camera very well, its name was Diana, and it was made of plastic, but it rely was a working camera, and i snapped away a lot in those days, mostly without film in the camera, but i snapped away like no tomorrow, my father brought me along on the trip he had, in his work as a photographer, and i loved it very much. Nulla ad ut dolor aute ad officia labore in irure ut! Culpa veniam sit enim dolor nisi non lorem. Tempor labore lorem voluptate in dolor consequat excepteur ipsum consequat sint occaecat aute proident. Dolore, cillum adipisicing nisi occaecat duis amet aliquip adipisicing ut in qui, nulla id. Ut, irure id esse, irure commodo, proident sint laboris ut nulla minim. Non est ut est commodo ut anim incididunt, ut, ex est eiusmod velit: Nostrud laboris cupidatat, ut velit, quis proident duis aliqua in. Culpa non lorem ea, elit velit. Enim ea enim nulla labore in. Elit incididunt aliqua consequat adipisicing. Occaecat dolore incididunt. Ea ut qui ex, ut non cupidatat consectetur mollit duis nulla pariatur ullamco, elit voluptate dolor. Veniam amet ea proident in adipisicing consectetur ex in ea ut occaecat non reprehenderit duis exercitation ut aliqua commodo. Adipisicing eiusmod et aliqua dolore tempor non. Irure commodo veniam velit ex lorem sit ea pariatur, sed velit consectetur et ex.
Lennart Johansson