...after the accidents
My life...
When you have to live with hard pain, you die a bit each day...  If you don´t find a way to exist without the painkillers and other types of medicine you have to eat, you will surely go under eventually, for me it was the hot climate in Ghana that gave me a window of hope for a life worth living, when i am here, i have almost no pains, at least not like i have when i am in my country, especially during wintertime. But even when i am here in Ghana, i have to pay a high price, i miss my own family so much, and i feel that i am letting them down al the time, i know that i really don´t have an option any more, because if i don´t  do this, i will not be able to continue my life, it´s just not worth living when you have to fight your own body every second of every day, sometimes you can´t even get up from bed, because moving ewer so little, cost excruciating pains. Imagine what al of this do to your mind, and your will to live.
Before my accident, i was always on the move, riding bikes doing al those things that ordinary people only think of doing but almost never do. Everyday was a new adventure for me, always bringing me happiness and a feeling of accomplishment at my work, each day. Al that is gone now, and left me with only memories.