...changed my life for ever
The accidents that...
1985 That day i was on my way to deliver a lot of timber with my train, the weather was bad, and it was snowing very much, i got stuck in a hill with my train, and needed to get assistance from another locomotive. The other locomotive crashed into me, and in that process my lower back was severely injured, and i needed surgery to put it back together. 2002 One day i was drown into from behind, and the woman that drove the other car, injured my neck very bad, i needed two different surgery’s to stabilize my neck, this accident made my already hard life even harder, and it´s getting worse and worse as time pass. The picture you see here is taken right after the accident, and as you can see, it was almost severed in tree different places, i suffer from severe pains after the accident, even after both my operations, and the latest one, the surgeons cut my spinal cord, and replaced parts of it with man made spines.